Strategy to Execution

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Achieve results using:

  • strategy-to-execution plans
  • key performance indicators (KPI's)
  • marketing performance scorecards
  • management dashboards
  • marketing ROI models

Is your market window brief? Are your resources lean? Is there lots of activity, but limited progress?

Without a defined strategy, managers have no context to guide decisions. You may not arrive where you want your business to go.

Having a strategy that's linked to customers, economics, and how your business is run gives you a critical competitive advantage.

Measure your progress

Using a streamlined Balanced Scorecardtm approach, UpRight works with your team to translate strategy into measureable actions. The process starts by tying your business and marketing strategy to real customer needs, budget, and accountabilities - all measured by performance metrics.

Your team's shared knowledge and buy-in helps assure a balance of long-term goals with short-term constraints. The added benefit for your organization is a culture that fosters innovation and embraces fruitful debate. For all projects, UpRight incorporates a scorecard that ties your marketing investments to achieving goals and results.

Manage your business performance

In partnership with Pilot Software, we can implement a realtime performance management application and dashboard tailored to varied audiences and levels of information detail.

What gets measured gets done.

-- Tom Peters, et al