Our Network


Depending on the scope and resources required for varied marketing projects, UpRight offers a network of recommended design, advertising, and sales experts to fit your needs.


ClearAction mentors executives for sustainable customer profitability by preventing customer hassles and churn. You've invested in marketing campaigns that make promises to customers. For maximum ROI your customers' experiences must match or exceed your promises. Let Customer Experience Optimization take your customer profitability to the next level!

KickStart Alliance

KickStart Alliance is a virtual team of seasoned marketing and sales executives with over 85 years of combined experience helping high tech companies achieve extraordinary results. Supporting the team are highly qualified affiliates who provide services not offered in-house.

The Lauridsen Group


The Lauridsen Group management consultants and Committed Communication System™ help organizations drive measurable improvement in leader, contributor, team and organizational performance. Our 20-year proprietary system brings about measurable and sustainable strategy execution.

Swafford Imaging & Photography


Swafford Imaging creates visual images that portray a marketing message to sell your product or services. Our digital award-winning capabilities can be either on-location or studio whatever you may need. Technical capabilities can range up to 108 megapixels and includes proofing and wide-format printing. Additionally, we have over ten years of marketing experience.



SwiftPartners provides integrated marketing communications with the first practical, frontline use of database marketing techniques. This enables programs that combine communications research, strategy development, and customer acquisition with a velocity and cost-effectiveness never before possible.