Interim Management

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Your partner in:

  • building new markets
  • scaling your business
  • launching new services
  • raising funds
  • supporting your team
  • taking new directions

Sometimes it makes good business sense to engage an interim marketing executive or domain expert. The situations can vary and include:

  • Organizational transitions
  • Corporate repositioning
  • New market sizing, assessment, and validation
  • Early stage customer development and product requirements
  • Exit strategies, mergers, and acquisitions
  • Management team support
  • Fundraising activities
  • Global product launches
  • Balanced scorecard development

We have experience working with venture-funded start-ups, public and private mid-size companies, and nonprofit organizations.
Let us help you.

Early stage

As a start-up striving to build a sustainable business, you need senior marketing expertise from the beginning - even when it is too early to hire a complete management team. We can help you apply product development to customer needs, acquire early adopters, position your company competitively, and raise working capital.

Growth stage

For organizations in later growth stages, an objective third party can provide a fresh perspective when developing a growth marketing strategy, and non-threatening guidance when facilitating corporate transitions.

UpRight specializes in interim marketing management services. Let us help you assess your marketing needs and deliver a solution that is both economical and flexible.