Customer Development

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Listen and learn to:

  • discover ideal customers
  • build the best products
  • provide highest value
  • create repeatable sales events
  • profitably scale your company

Create effective:

  • positioning and messaging
  • Web content
  • demand generation initiatives
  • launch plans and campaigns
  • product roadmaps
  • customer advisory councils
  • success story testimonials
  • user group communities

Yogi Berra says that you can observe a lot by just watching. UpRight agrees. We believe the key to market leadership is an intense understanding of the customer. However, many organizations routinely make the costly mistakes of:

  • creating 'solutions' before creating customers, and ...
  • scaling the sales function before determining a repeatable sales process

Unfortunately many times they don't discover they're wrong until they're out of business! What's needed is a...

Customer development process

UpRight Customer Development is a systematic way to get to know your customers intimately -- their needs, priorities, budgets, decisions, and motivations.

This time-tested process overlaps the product development lifecycle, to ensure that your product does not end up as yet another technology looking for a place to happen.

It is equally effective whether you are a start-up or in a market expansion stage. You can apply the process to more successfully launch your products and services into new, existing, or re-defined markets.

It’s amazing what you learn when you talk, and more importantly listen, to the people who are supposed to buy your products.

-- UpRight Marketing

UpRight knows the right questions to ask and how to listen objectively to your customers' points of view. We interview prospective and existing customers to understand your market and what it takes to repeatably close sales -- better than your competitors.

Build a sustainable business

Ultimately the UpRight Customer Development process reveals the objectives for your marketing strategy, as well as the limits that should constrain it. A properly defined strategy can then provide the context for crafting your customer communications ecosystem, and for making smart marketing investments.

We help you to discover who your ideal customers are and to validate what it takes to serve them. Taking the time to create your market up front lets you confidently and profitably scale your organization.

Customer Development